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Benjamin Ballout, currently serves on numerous multinational corporations board including serving as a Managing Director of Diplomatic Trade ltd., a Multinational corporation represents government in Trade, Liaisons, and Lobbying with an Executive experience bringing in over Twenty years of experience in various industries from Finance, Real Estate Development, Aerospace and Defense, and International Affairs with an understanding of the international trade and policies that affect global outcomes is part of his work functions.


Benjamin is also involved in numerous Nation Buildings projects along with multiple Humanitarian relief effort. He had the privilege to be among forward thinkers to participate in the project on U.S. National Security Reform Act.


Benjamin current role acting as an Advisor to high-level stakeholders/ministers/ & their Excellency’s on policy and procedures that could impact the organizations international reputation using his Extensive experience in governance and strategy of multilateral institutions, alongside, he Promotes implementation of strategies through a range of tactics, to influence and shape thinking to ensure progress in climate and energy-related forums.

Benjamin also lists on board servings of:

  • Diplomatic Trade Ltd.

  • Rothschild & Lewis LLC

  • Thomas H. Miner & Associates

  • The Arab African Council on

       Socioeconomic Development

  • GULF MENA International Hydrogen Association (GMIHA)