Enerkon Solar International Inc. Renewable Energy Operations were established in September 2016, to be a leader in Utility Scale PV Power Plants and renewable systems, with a particular focus on the Middle East and Africa, who have the greatest urgent need, the highest Solar Intensity Coverage compared to other parts of the world, the best ROI, compared to other geographic regions and less resistance to entry into the major markets.

In addition to our Projects completed in Turkey and China (through Mertokon and  Global Star Holdings) partnership, we have been awarded this last year (2017) a 500 MW $600 Million USD Utility Scale PV Plant in Gaza Province – Mozambique, currently in the last phases of documentation for entry of our funding syndicate, with PPA executed and Enerkon has further been awarded an additional two (2) more 500MW Utility Scale PV Solar Plants to be built this year in the provinces of Cabo Delgado and Nampula.

Recently, the company was invited to participate in a Historic Green Energy project in the ChNPP Special Exclusion zone in Ukraine - a 4 GW co generation program using Solar Power to Drive Plasma Arc Steam Boilers Pushing 2 previously Nuclear Powered Steam Turbine Generators on the site using special ENKS technology and configurations as well as invitation to participate as EPC on a new Green Hydrogen Production facility on the same ChNPP Special Exclusion Zone Site which will be an Electrolysis Unit Powered by Solar Energy cracking Hydrogen from Water on the Lake Source in the ChNPP Site for export to the EU.

Other EPC invitations are for 5G Consortium Building with Cisco - Ericsson - Nokia as potential partners taking the lead consulting position in the group for implementation of a national 5 G network in the Republic of Ukraine. 

Our Long Term Strategic Plan, Vision 2030 is a long-term road-map to achieve our growth objectives and our technology and cost leadership goals.


In executing our Long Term Strategic Plan, we are focusing on providing utility-scale PV solar energy solutions using our modules to key geographic markets that we believe have a compelling need for mass-scale PV electricity, including markets throughout the Americas, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa whereas acquisition of strategic companies in the Panel and Technology Sectors as well as other small and mid- level renewable energy companies is also a large part of our near term plans.

                                                Enerkon New Technology Holdings

Enerkon Solar International Inc., Established a new Technology Division in 2019 and since then, the company has purchased a number of Patents, Trademarks, and other Intellectual Property Rights Transfers which include the following:

Purchase of a new Patented/Trademarked Passive Immunity, Combination Drug Therapy Called

  • COVID-Shield PI (Passive Immunity)

Purchase of New Disruptive Technology Patented as an Aluminum Fuel Cell ((Electric Vehicle Battery))

  • The ENKS Aluminum Air Fuel Cell  with a 1500 Kilometer Range, 38% less weight and cost for the Manufacture in addition to not requiring any national recharge network due to the fact that it is a plug and play - swapped fuel cell system - changed out at national markets or fuel centers in a few minutes and sent for recycling all at a cost per kilometer within or less than the national average for electric vehicles

  • Note: the Albayraklar Wattoz joint venture signed earlier, remains static.  A press release related to this status was issued several months ago and any changes will be reported to the Public in new year disclosures.

  • ENKS has been nominated as an Honorary member in the new GULF MENA International Hydrogen Association and will participate as Corporate Sponsor in  Forums and Conferences promoting global transition to Hydrogen as alternate to Carbon Based Fuel - Complimenting Solar and Wind Energy.

  • ENKS is in talks with the Ukraine Credit Bank for the famous Green Clean Solar Powered CO Generation Power Plant in the ChNPP Special exclusion zone slated to become a 4 Gigawatt Green Energy Plant - this in addition to a Hydrogen production facility using solar power for Electrolysis of water to Hydrogen for export to the EU as mentioned above using new specialized technologies pwned by ENKS.

  • ENKS has also formed a wholly owned corporate division called ENERKON TECHNOLOGIES HOLDINGS, INC. for the purpose of administration and commercialization of the above technologies and others in the pipeline for acquisition.

  • Other divisions are Global Star Holdings (HK/UK) - Wattoz Holdings Inc (USA) and SCC (UK)

Corporate Contact:

Enerkon Solar International Inc.

​New HQ Address in New York at:\\

477 Madison Avenue

6th Floor - #6834

New York, NY 10022 USA

Tel. +1 (877) 573-7797

Tel. +1 (718) 709-7889

Email: info@enerkoninternational.com